Friday, 20 July 2007

Tribute to a Distilled Spirit
A novel, like an evening with a friend
Accompanied by tankards of good beer
Allows us to develop themes and share
Love, laughter, jealousy or fear
And contemplate a carefully crafted end.

A glass of wine, a connoisseur’s delight
Will be remembered for bouquet and taste
And for the dinner that it graced
Never a drop allowed to go to waste,
A story shorter than a summer’s night.

But for a poem I would choose
A glass of single malt to be my muse


tali said...

I love the blogs. The picture makes me think i am back at Church Ope listening to the waves crashing and lulling me into safety and security.
love you ma xx

Abi said...

This one is my favourite. Granny, I am so proud and impressed! Amazing work - keep it up! x x x x

Abi said...

This one is my favourite. Granny, you are so talented - I'm really impressed and proud! x x x x