Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Sharing life with a new partner requires adjustments as you grow used to each others habits, needs and dreams.  So far we have shared a study - we call it The Garden Room - there is plenty of room for two desks, a filing cabinet, a tall bookcase and an old primary school table designed for two small children, it's just right for dumping things on as you walk past.  But that is not all.  My lovely new man has discovered the joy of painting in oils.  At first he was content to paint  in a bedroom but we soon discovered that even with a dust sheet in place oil painting on a pink carpeted floor is not a good idea.  To me the obvious answer was to move the easel downstairs to The Garden Room and find somewhere else for my desk.  No room in the house but perhaps a corner could be found in the garden?  If it works I will be very happy with the solution - - -  

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