Monday, 31 December 2012

Will this rain ever stop?

Here is the promised pictures and at last I can look forward to spending real time out here every week. Even on the coldest day it is warm and cosy and once the sun comes back I can look forward to creating a 'quiet garden' to share with friends old and new. When will this rain stop? At the momnet I am sitting in Pigeonholes in the warm while the wind and rain rattle the window panes. I think at heart I am a hobbit, this small space is all mine, it is only ten feet by eight but here I have all I need, a small stove filled with glowing coals, a large desk, a comfortable chair and for my friends a small sofa. On the walls there are two oil paintings, one of a wave crashing on the shore while on the horizon sunlight has broken through the clouds, the other painting is of a tan sailed, gaff rigged fishing boat battling its way across a choppy sea. A pencil drawing of the chapel at Haslar Hospital and a scraffito plate by Tiffany Scull are here too. On top of the stove is a copper kettle and on the floor to one side are two glove puppets - a lion and an elephant. And there is still room for two book cases for no room would ever be complete without books

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