Sunday, 7 September 2014

Another New Beginning

In the beginning I was a student, a septuagenarian, an undergraduate and a full time carer. Despite a very full life I still found time to be a writer and thanks to a lot of encouragement, a friend who is a suburb illustrator and a wonderful publisher Phoenix House became my first novel. In 2010 I found myself stranded on an unknown shore, a widow without a purpose in life, plenty of time but no sense of direction. Fortunately fate took a hand and suddenly I was in the middle of a real life romance. Even at three score years plus rather more than ten it is possible to fall in love and suddenly every day was full of light and laughter and three years later it still is. The only people to suffer are the characters in my two unfinished novels who are mouldering in the bottom drawer of my desk wondering if there is any future for them. It is time for another new beginning, a resolution to rescue my characters and report on my life and theirs every week. I used to write in a hut beside the sea, I now have a shed in the garden but that is a story for next week.

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