Saturday, 11 August 2007

For many Portland is nothing more than a name on the shipping forecast. Some will say ‘Oh Portland Bill, yes we’ve been there and climbed the Lighthouse’ and you will find that is all they have done, they have never walked the cliff paths, explored the quarries, visited St George’s church built by a pupil of Christopher Wren or drunk a pint of real ale in The George, a pub that goes back to the sixteenth century. They certainly won’t have explored the village of Easton and had a cup of coffee in Whitestones Café Gallery.
On Thursday evening I went to Whitestones for the private view of Sea Art, an exhibition of paintings and sculpture by ten West Country artists and was thrilled to discover the work of David Brook whose acrylic paintings I would describe as pure poetry. Two particularly caught my eye, ‘Fish Surfers’ is full of vibrant movement, the three surfers riding the waves with confidence imposed by the painters brush. The image of two walkers caught in a world of their own under an umbrella while the rain curls and crashes on the rest of the world is a sonnet in paint. This is an exhibition to be enjoyed at leisure over a cup of Davd Nicholl’s delicious coffee, the images will remain in the mind long after the visit to Portland is over.


Telmis said...

Pat & I love to spend a day at Edgecombe House, which isn't strictly your area, but unless my geography is skewed, overlooks your area.

Just thought! I used to fly with a Gill Horley, who married Ted Hayhoe. They live in Devon and have a lot to do with the Cold Harbour Mill.

Loved the pics by the way

John S

Viki Lane said...

I loved the pictures, Carenza, and also your descriptions of them. 'Sonnet in paint' is spot on, and a wonderful phrase to boot.