Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Latin com – with: fortis – strong

Today has been appalling
I haven’t time to cry.
My fella’s on the booze again
And given me this eye.

Today has been appalling
My girl was on the phone
She says she’s in the club again
He’s gone and she’s alone.

Today has been appalling
My boy has broken bail.
Police came banging on the door
They’ve taken him to gaol.

Today has been appalling
The bills are piled high
I’ve stacked the pills beside them
It would be good to die.

But first I’ll put the kettle on
Quite soon it starts to sing
Now with a hot, sweet cup of tea
I’ll cope with anything.

The teapot is decorated using the mochaware technique which took me five years experimenting to master. When I retired last September there was only one other potter in the country able to produce it to a professional standard and yes, I confess I was rather proud of what I had achieved.


Telmis said...

The kettle is awe inspiring 'C', you have every right to be proud of your God given talents!

The poem is great fun - loved bail and gaol as a rhyme! Subject matter is serious ... but the poem itself is magically smile making!

Cathy said...

I love the mochaware teapot. Is that the same technique used at the Boscastle Pottery? I used to visit it regularly when growing up but sadly my only remaining pieces have been broken over the years by my kids...

Viki Lane said...

Really enjoyed your poems, Carenza. And the pottery...what a great talent!

(not jealous at all, honestly)

Phyzz said...

That's one stunning teapot Carenza.
You are just so talented.